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At the time of Jesus, the Jews were still looking forward to the coming of Christ whom they were promised 1,000 years prior. In the Old Testament, God had already promised the fathers, the kings, and the prophets that he would raise up a man from their nation to be a great king of the people. In addition to his human entity, he would be of divine nature, full of the power of the Creator and rule a kingdom that shall have no end (2 Samuel 7:12-15; Isaiah 9:6-7).
The Jews, eagerly, expected the oncoming Christ, particularly when the Romans occupied their country. They wished for Christ to come and deliver them from the occupying enemy, establish the kingdom of God on earth by force and power, make the city of Jerusalem a center of the world, and judge the nations.
When Matthew wrote the first sentence of his book, and testified that the meek gentleman Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah, he created with this testimony a burning belief among the prepared people and a severe hate among the rejecting obstinate people. All the faithful among those that awaited Christ and recognized in Jesus the incarnate spirit of God committed themselves to him with faith. But the majority of the Jews rejected him because the leaders of their people did. Having come without weapon and without earthly power, he was delivered up for crucifixion. Matthew did not worry about the grudge of the crowds and the leaders, but opposed them boldly. He testified the truth and called Jesus, "The promised Christ of God." The word "Christ" is mentioned 569 times in the New Testament.
The word "Christ" is not a name of Jesus. It is his title, which indicates his office. "Christ" means the anointed one with all the fullness of the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, kings, priests, and prophets were anointed with the oil of dedication. In his person, Jesus unified the power of the divine king. He is the true High Priest and the slain Lamb of God. He did not come as all other prophets with the word of God revealed unto him, for he was himself the word of God become flesh. In Christ dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Are you a follower or an enemy of Christ?

O Lord Jesus Christ, I worship you for you are my King sent from God, and my faithful Priest. You moved my heart towards the kingdom of your peace. Please teach me to recognize your name and your spiritual power that I may experience your life, meekness, and humility. Renew my mind that I may stand firm as a qualified member of your kingdom.
What does the title "Christ" signify with respect to Jesus?