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2. Birth and Naming of Jesus
(Matthew 1:18-25)
18Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. (See Luke1:26-38)

From her youth, Mary – the pure virgin, kept the word of God by heart. Her praises indicate a rich knowledge of the Old Testament and the prophets. The Holy Spirit inspired her with a beautiful testimony about the glory, the wisdom and the wonderful works of God. Mary, like the majority of girls, might have expected marriage to fulfill the desire of her heart, so she was satisfied with her espousal to the carpenter. Espousal was considered among the people of the Old Testament as a legitimate engagement, so that Joseph was called "her husband" (v. 19) and she was called "his wife" (v. 20).
Christ was born of a virgin, but of a betrothed virgin:

Suddenly, she received a message from the angel Gabriel that God himself chose her to give birth by his Holy Spirit to a son. This news deeply excited this pure virgin, but she humbly and submissively believed the word of God. The pregnancy was not an act of flesh, for the Holy Spirit is holy in himself. Every claim that God took Mary to be his woman and had a child by her is a blasphemy that will not be forgiven. There is no doubt that modern biology is not against the idea that a child may be born by a virgin without an earthly father. This is known as Human Cloning. But everyone who is born again of the Holy Spirit, recognizes this secret and accepts the truth of Jesus’ coming by way of the blessed Virgin Mary.
Mary magnified God for his glorious plan. But at the same time this situation was a bit perplexing to her. She could hardly have expected Joseph to accept her story, so she kept silent and trusted God to be her witness. She suffered and prayed knowing that she would be treated as a harlot and could be stoned to death according to Moses’ law. But believing in God as a Savior, she trusted him, and by her faith she made possible what was impossible: that the Son of God would be incarnate through her body. Because of her great faith, she is glorified by all the ages on earth. Mary’s faith prepared her to be the last link of the chain of the heroes of faith in the genealogy of Jesus. We can learn from her.

I worship you eternal God, because you came upon the Virgin Mary by your Holy Spirit and gave birth to your Son Jesus through her. I cannot logically understand this miracle but I worship you with praise and thankfulness because you give birth to me spiritually to enable me to understand who you are, and who your Son and Holy Spirit are, and what your great work is.
What is the meaning of Mary being found with child of the Holy Spirit?