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2… Abraham begot Isaac, …

The Evangelist Matthew wrote his Gospel to the Jews and to the Christians of Jewish origin. He brought into view, first of all, the complete genealogy of Jesus proving that he was lawfully worthy of being the Messiah since he was of the seed of Abraham and a son of David. Matthew gives Jesus' lineage knowing his existence did not begin with his birth.
God initiated the way of salvation with Abraham. By offering Isaac as a sacrifice, he indicated the necessity of the unique sacrifice accomplished in Jesus Christ on the cross. Isaac, the heir to the promise, was brought up since his childhood in godliness with full submission to God. He was a man of prayer who initiated his marriage in the name of the Lord and got many returns from his fields. He was patient, left his two wells to the quarreling herdsmen, and dug a new well, overcoming his enemies with love. He lived with all humility and meekness until God appeared to him and confirmed the Abrahamic covenant. The behavior of Isaac and that of Jesus bear many resemblance's—more than when compared with any other member of the family (Genesis 24:63; 25:5; 26:12-13, 22).
But Isaac committed sins similar to those of his father. He called his wife "his sister" to rescue himself from his lustful enemies (Genesis 26:6-7). Also Isaac loved his first son Esau more than his second son Jacob, which resulted in a plot created by his wife and Jacob against he and Esau which caused his blessing to be given to Jacob instead of Esau, making him a link of the blessed genealogy of Jesus.

I glorify you and praise you, Lord of heaven and earth, for your constant protection to the fathers of faith in spite of their weaknesses. Your love lasts throughout the ages. I believe that you have chosen me to live in Christ and that you have mercy on me in spite of my failure. Thank you for your great kindness.
How was Isaac comparable to Jesus?