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21And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." (See Luke2:21)

The angel proclaimed to Joseph that Mary would bring forth a son not a daughter, and that Joseph had the privilege of giving him a name that was eternally designed by God. That was a clear order from God and carried out in faith by Joseph. Joseph trusted this divine name would be realized in its significance.
The name Jesus means "the Lord saves"; "the Lord delivers." It is not merely a name to call him by; it is a message about the truth of his person. He is not only the king of the people but he is God. A king can save the people from human enemies but only the Lord can them from their sins (Psalm 51:14). The eternal one is not an angry judge who wants to destroy us, but he seeks to save the lost through his son, the Lord Jesus. He has come to the sinners, and lived among us and asks that we draw near to him. God’s love for the sinners appears in the name "Jesus"; all the heavenly purposes are centered in this wonderful name. However, everyone does not experience the deliverance and help of God. Only his people experience it. A particular nation is not considered "the people of God." Every man has the privilege of belonging to God by repenting of his sins and trusting Jesus, the Savior. He who believes in Jesus shall be justified. You join the people of God immediately when you turn from sin and turn to Jesus. There is nothing, in heaven or on earth, more pleasant than the name of Jesus, which confirms to you that God, in person, cares for you and helps you.
What help does Jesus offer to his people? The salvation from sin! Whoever admits and confesses his sins and repents of all his unclean works is granted the great miracle of Jesus—the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He is the Almighty and is sitting in glory with his Father. In his eternity, he has the power to redeem us and pour out of his Spirit upon those who believe making them a new creation, fit for his kingdom. Jesus is the only Deliverer and Savior. There is no hope for men but in him. He can pardon your iniquities and he is able to save you to the uttermost. Open your heart to his kindness and thank him and praise him for his grace towards you.
Nothing is able to prevent Jesus, the Son of God, from redeeming those who believe in him and evil spirits are unable to take believers from his strong hand. Jesus brings the believers together like sheep in the fold. We testify to the truth of the angel’s prophecy that God has saved many people from their sins through his son over the last two thousand years, and the number is still growing. Yet, are you redeemed; have you been saved from your sins? Did your heart break in repentance, compelling you to accepted his salvation and believe in him? Did the joy of redemption fill your heart and change your mind and attitude? Then go and call your brothers and sisters and all your acquaintances to participate in Jesus’ salvation, for he is prepared to save whoever believes in him.

I worship you my Savior, Lord Jesus, because you were born to save me. You did not despise me, but loved me and wiped out my faults completely. Please teach me to believe in your power and your presence with me that I may become free from unrighteousness and be hallowed for your blessed name. Please draw my friends and enemies toward your salvation that they may not perish but have everlasting life.
What is the meaning of the word "Jesus"?