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32Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.33But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. (Mark8:38; Luke9:26;2Timothy2:12; Revelation3:5)

Christ confirms to you that He ascended to heaven. He mentions your name before God, because you served on earth in the name of Jesus Christ. Your confession on earth has a clear impact in heaven. The Son of God, Himself, recognizes your voice, so forget about your reputation and family rank and speak wisely and openly that Jesus is the Savior and the King of Kings. Thus, you will remain fixed in God’s memory forever. Many people wish presidents, leaders and kings would know their name in hopes of special favors. But your name will be mentioned before God personally, if you confess the name of Jesus to your friends, relation and enemies. Do you testify of Jesus’ salvation, crucifixion, burial and resurrection? Or you look like a dead stone, motionless and lifeless? If you are unable to testify openly, ask the Lord Jesus to show you a suitable occasion that you may give testimony after your prayer to Him. He who does not pass over his testimony for Jesus and denies Him will not be named in heaven. Your faith in Christ as a mere belief is not sufficient, for the thanksgiving of testimony should always go out of you.
If you love Jesus, you will confess Him. God’s Sprit prompts you to announce the name of Christ, your Savior. But if you neglect and resist the guidance of the Holy Spirit in you and do not speak to others about the Savior, you separate yourself from God’s power. A bride loves her bridegroom and if she did not speak of him, her love would cool down and disappear. Such is your testimony. It is the proof of your faith. Without a wise profession and a plain testimony for Jesus under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, your faith would definitely fail.
It is our privilege, not only to believe in Christ and to serve Him, but also to suffer for our faith in Him when we are called to do so. We must never be ashamed of our relationship with Christ, our dependence on Him and our expectations from Him. By this, the sincerity of our faith is evident – His name be glorified and others edified.
However this may expose us to reproach and trouble now, we shall be abundantly recompensed for that, in the resurrection of the just, when it will be our unspeakable honor and happiness to hear Christ say (what would be more?) “Him I will confess.”
It is a dangerous thing to deny and disown Christ before men. He will disown them who so do in the great day, when they have most need of Him. Christ will be the Master of those who will not be His servants: “And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Matthew 7:23).

O Lord Jesus, You live. Your intercession is our power and hope. We should not fear those who persecute us, for our life is concealed with You. Please teach us acknowledge Your name courageously and wisely and give us the boldness of Your Spirit to declare Your love for us. Thank You for mentioning our names before our heavenly Father who cares for us that He counts even the number of the hairs of our heads. Amen.
Why are we prohibited from fearing men or death?