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d) Infinite Forgiveness
(Matthew 18:21-22)
21Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”22Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. (Genesis4:24, Luke17:4, Ephesians4:32)

Peter recognized the greatness of Christ’s promise of the prayer of faith in the union of believers. At the same time he was afraid because he experienced that every brotherly unity is shaken by numerous problems and wrong intentions. There would certainly be disagreements among the followers of Christ. They would perhaps insult each other unintentionally. There might be some misunderstanding among them. They might judge too quickly, without thinking, that the others had treated them with contempt.
It does not look well for us to count the offences done against us by our brothers. There is something ill-natured in keeping a score of the injuries we forgive. God is the One who keeps an account, because he is the Judge and vengeance is His. It is necessary for the preservation of peace to ignore injuries without counting up how often. Forgive and forget. God multiplies His pardon and so should we. It intimates that we should make it our constant practice to forgive injuries and should accustom ourselves to it until it becomes a daily habit.
Peter learned, through fellowship with Christ, how to practice forgiveness. He was prepared to forgive his brothers seven times, the number of completion. Peter knew that mutual forgiveness is the only way to preserve the fellowship. Therefore was determined to be a good example to the disciples by suggesting that forgiveness be extended seven times. But Jesus showed him the greatness of Christian love. It is not enough to forgive seven times, but believers must forgive their brethren 490 times a day. Practically, this means without measure, unlimited forgiveness. Great is forgiveness, love, and pardon.
Once there was a young believer who was angry with his little sister because she constantly damaged his toys. For the sake of Jesus, he decided to forgive her up to 490 times a day but no more. He began to count her faults and his pardons every day but did not even come close to 100 times. Over the course of time he became accustomed to forgiving and pardoning. He never forsook this heavenly habit of forgiving that had developed from this spiritual exercise. Make it your constant practice to forgive the injuries that are done to you, and ask your Lord to enable you to bear it with joy, for mutual forgiveness is the way to preserve the church.
Do not think that your brother or sister is always at fault when you feel like you have been wronged. In every problem, the offense is not always on one party but is usually on both parties. Therefore accustom yourself to bow your head first, and then forgive the one who injured you as you would like him to forgive you, for love is the completion of the law.

We thank You Father, because You invited us to Your fellowship in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Your Son redeemed us so that we can love and care for mistaken brothers and sisters, forgive them, and pray for them with the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, for prayer in real love will be answered in Your name. Keep us in mutual harmony that we will not part but love each other as You love us.
How many times should we forgive our friends and relatives each day?