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3. Take Heed that no One Deceives You
(Matthew 24:4-5)
4And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you.5For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. (John5:43,8:44,1 John2:18-25)

The disciples had asked concerning his prediction "When will these things be?" (V 4). Christ gave them no answer as to the number of days or years until its fulfillment, saying it was not for them to know the time. But they had also asked, "What will be the sign?" That question He answered fully, for we are entitled to understand the signs of the times. Christ had also warned His disciples about coming temptation and backsliding. Satan is God's enemy, who, with his false prophets and false christs, seeks to separate all men from their Creator.
Satan hates God and His Christ. He fills everyone who doesn't follow Jesus with his disobedient and contrary spirit. The Evil One wants to prevent them from entering into the kingdom of God, so he inspires them with astonishing thoughts, and leads them to sinful activities, convincing them that they are able to redeem the world with their own abilities. Therefore, they refuse to repent, thinking that they are not in need of repentance and renewal. Satan's deception makes them trust their own goodness, or something external, like science or technology.
The believer's most important desire should not be to know the future, but to be filled with God's Spirit and so avoid ungodly thoughts. The Spirit of the Lord creates in you repentance, faith, humility, and peace. Yet the spirit of Satan appears in many forms; pride, trusting oneself more than God, planning apart form God, dislike of others, lying, impurity, resentment, bitterness, and vengeance. Some of the most destructive fruit of Satan's spirit is found in hypocrisy, where someone pretends goodness though his heart is full of malice.
Look for Satan's influence when examining various philosophies, religions, and cults. If they propose that people can establish a human paradise through self-righteousness and good deeds, then recognize that they are false christs. Do not follow them, but look at the cross where you will see the proof that every man is corrupt and in need of the Savior. We cannot save ourselves from our human nature by our own power. Do not depend on any worldly leader, because Jesus has already saved you. He will come in a shining cloud, with great glory, and you will see the nail prints in His hands. Do not listen to any religious teacher who does not guide you to the crucified Son of God; for in Him alone rests our hope.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the one and only God, we glorify You and rejoice for Christ has saved us and the Spirit of truth comforts us. You warn us about devious, deceiving temptations and doctrines, and enable us to stand fast in Jesus, our only Savior. Bestow upon us the gift of discernment that we may not adhere to false prophets nor abandon Christ. Yet, You are Holy and clean. You want to sanctify our thoughts, minds, words, and works that the Father and the Son may be glorified through our righteous behavior gifted to us by grace.
Why did Christ avoid the questions of His followers about the time of His Second Coming?