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10And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree, which does not bear good fruit, is cut down and thrown into the fire.

This verse is a metaphor warning of destruction. Although, great is God’s kindness and patience! He does not perform the punishment unless he warns the wicked first. Have you ever seen a lumberjack standing with an axe in his raised hands ready to cut a tree off in one fell swoop? John is saying that Christ to that lumberjack and every man is a tree. The tree which bears the fruits of love and truth will be left in the garden of his kingdom; but he who lives in selfishness and lies and curses will be cut off with the axe by Christ, the Judge.
Today, this message is not proclaimed as boldly as Christ spoke it. Preachers often concentrate on grace and free forgiveness, based of the truth of the cross; but neglect talking about God’s wrath upon those who bear no fruit. All those who are not changed by faith in the truth of the cross shall be destined for judgment and cast into hell.
Our world today is nearer to God’s punishment than to his grace. Multitudes live without their Lord, neglecting the grace of Christ. Do not be astonished at God’s wrath and the blows of his justice on mankind due to their rejection of the cross and its power. In this age of new wars, the fire of God's judgment has become more validating to us than any time before. Cities burn with showers of bombs and deformed bodies are blackened by the fires of houses destroyed over their heads. God is merely introducing his judgement of wrath. So, let us not mock, any longer, this divine revelation of a fiery hell that awaits those who reject the mercy of the cross. How sad and desperate are those who have despised God’s patience! They will regrettably weep and gnash their teeth when it is too late to repent. Hell is coming, and Satan and his demons are dominating those who have not opened their hearts to the Spirit of Christ. Beware of the imminent danger and call your attention to the drawing on your heart by Christ—open it to him with delighted.
The cutting tools are laid to the root of the trees. Although God’s patience still waits, the day will come when every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. This is God’s unchangeable judgment when he judges his people (See Revelation 2:1-5).

O Holy Father, I glorify you, because your judgments are just and righteous. Please do not lay your axe to the root of my corrupt life, but be patient with me. Help me to repent and change my thoughts and behavior according to your commandments, that I may bear fruit that is acceptable to you. Forgive my friends and relatives because they deserve the fire like me. Our Lord, we rest our hope upon your grace and tender mercies.
What does the Creator expect you to do?