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6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. (Luke18:9-14; John6:35; Romans3:23-24)

The fourth ring of the bell of God’s love inspires with hope those who hunger for righteousness, those who have woken up from their sleep in sins. Everyone desires to do good and longs for the success of humanity, but no one can do it of his own accord, for we are slaves of sin. Yet, Christ has justified all sinners through His sacrificial death. Whoever longs for righteousness and holiness can find in Christ the fullness of the divine righteousness prepared for him and shall receive the power to live up to the true love. Come to Jesus that He might cleanse your heart and renew you for steadfastness in God. Then you will not build your joy upon your personal abilities, but upon God’s grace only, since your faith has saved you, and the joy of Christ dwells in you.
Righteousness is a summary of all spiritual blessings (Psalm 24:5). These blessings we should hunger and thirst after. We are encouraged to desire them, as one who is hungry and thirsty desires food and drink and will not be satisfied with anything else. Our desires for spiritual blessings should be earnest and unceasing. God’s own righteousness is prepared for you. If you believe in Christ, you will be satisfied forever, for God’s righteousness is available to all who repent and accept it with thanks.

Oh Holy Lord, we love You and praise You, for You had mercy upon us in the coming of the beloved Christ. Please forgive us our pride, pessimism and violence. Purify us with the blood of Jesus and consecrate us by the power of Your Holy Spirit to live pure lives. Give us the certain hope that, together with all the faithful, we may enter into the joy of Your presence in the eternal kingdom.
How does Christ quench our thirst for righteousness?