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6Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces. (Matthew10:11; Luke23:9)

Do not be hasty in offering salvation to the enemies of the cross, and do not think that you will be able to save a corrupt person, for Christ alone is the Savior, we are only instruments in His kind hand. Many worldly minded people are not ready to hear the Word of God, which they reject mockingly, nor prepared to accept the unity of the Holy Trinity. Be cautious not to tell them the essence of the gospel too soon, for they cannot grasp it at once. Do not force them to accept your spiritual view on the Savior if they rejected it. Do not speak in exaggerated language about your conversion and regeneration for they cannot comprehend this reality, unless the Spirit of the Lord opens their ears to the spiritual mysteries, otherwise they will mock at you, tempt you and open traps for you to destroy you.
Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will hover over them and prepare their hearts to accept His word in order that they may become enlightened and able to recognize what is good for them.
Guide every seeker of truth to Christ, not to your own godliness. Evil spirits lurk to destroy people, and if those spirits get hold of someone rejecting Jesus, they may dwell in him so that he will behave like animals and worse. Do not think that you are able to save such a mislead one by yourself. We should love them in the name of Christ and respect even the possessed. Although they reject and blaspheme Christ and do not know his forgiveness, He has died for their sins too.
Do not judge a man, or try to bring him to salvation in your own ability, for both are the work of God alone. God invites you to follow His Christ, declare His authority and realize His power by your faith. Pray more than you think. Penetrate regularly into the gospel more than you speak. Never judge a man, but love, bless, bear and pray for him that the love of God may reveal itself in him.
Our zeal against sin must be guided by discretion. We must not go about to give instruction, counsel and rebuke to hardened scorners. It will certainly do no good, but will exasperate and enrage them toward us.

O Father, please forgive us our judgmental pride. We do not know nor understand people properly, and we are not better than they are. Cleanse us from our haughtiness and impurities that we may become Your holy children, love the lost and be sanctified under Your protection. Please teach us to have mercy with the wicked and love them. We pray for everyone that is possessed with demons, that You may cast them out of him and let Your Holy Spirit come into him. Please keep us protected under the precious blood of Jesus.
How should we love and serve those who do not want to hear the Word of God?