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2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Paul did not expect the members of the church in Rome to surrender the spirit and truth of the unity of the Holy Trinity; therefore, he called them to spiritual war against all kinds of temptation to sin.
This spiritual struggle does not lead to the obtaining of salvation, for Christ has saved you, but your Lord wants his righteousness to appear through the sanctification of your life.
Paul now presents constructive ways for the sanctification of your life:
a) That from now on you do not live indifferently as those without Christ do, or seek honor, wealth, sex, or amusement, but adopt the holy conduct of Jesus and the lifestyle of his apostles in your thoughts and in your work.
b) For carrying out these principles, the Lord grants you a renewing of your mind. Your aim should not remain enjoying a life of luxury, but you should think the thoughts of God so that the spirit of grace will sanctify your heart and your will.
c) You must recognize the will of God, and understand what God wants of you, that you may act according to his purpose, and reject what he rejects. To obtain this spiritual maturity, you must read the Holy Bible repeatedly, and seek the guidance, direction, and enlightening of your heavenly Father that you may please and satisfy him properly.
d) Paul simply said: Do good. Do not only speak of good, but do it, giving both your time and money. Learn from God what is good and what is evil, and distinguish between them in your life. Obtain wisdom from the Holy Bible, and the Holy Spirit will train you up to all that pleases God.
e) Seek spiritual perfection in your life. This principle does not mean that you are able to perfect yourself by yourself. Therefore, ask Jesus to fill your insufficiency, so that everything you do for him may be prefect, immediate, and true. This can be accomplished in you as a gift of the unity of the Holy Spirit, if you ask for it.
f) If you live in this manner, you will live with God, and then the Spirit of God will work in your weakness and you will become a happy man, thanking God for the sacrifice of himself at Golgotha.

O heavenly Father, forgive us if we were selfish, loving ourselves more than God. Change our intents that we may live in true spiritual service; having recognized that Jesus forgave us all our sins on the cross, and your Holy Spirit became the power in our lives. Help us, Lord, to love committing ourselves to you forever.
What are the steps in living a holy life for followers of Jesus?