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2. We are justified by faith in Christ
(Romans 3:27-31)
27Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No, but by the law of faith.28Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law.

The justification of the world, and our reconciliation to God were completed on the cross. However, man is only justified by faith. We read the word “faith” nine times in verses 21 through 31, where the apostle testifies that you are only justified through your living faith.
This principle signifies a complete change in the beliefs of all religions and philosophies, for God has forgiven all men their sins without punishing them. Thus, the world’s principles about diligence, reward, good deeds, and observation of the law crumble because God has redeemed us freely, carried us to the age of his grace, and delivered us from the curse of the Law. You will remain sinful in spite of all your fasting, charitable giving and piety, unless you accept the blood and righteousness of Christ faithfully and thankfully. You play no role in this holy justification. It comes to you as a gift from God. He has completely justified you, not because of your straightforwardness and righteousness, but because the blood of Christ has cleansed you in your subconscious. What an amazing grace!
Your acceptance of this grace, your thankfulness for it, and your union with its Giver mean faith. The Crucified is the gift of God to us criminals. In him, the Creator comes to you and cleanses you, giving himself to you, a justified sinner. So, hold fast to Christ prayerfully and faithfully that his powerful righteousness might be strengthened in you. Commit yourself to him in acknowledgement of his love.
Faith justifies the sinner. It changes the thought of man’s abilities, and puts an end to all kinds of self-righteousness, self-redemption and boasting, because in Christ we know that we are foolish, malicious, corrupt, and miserable. There is no salvation except at the hand of the merciful God. You are not edified by your heritage, or by a superficial education or limited nationality, because you are not saved by your heritage, diplomas, or talents, but by your faith in Christ. So, commit yourself to the Son of God, and enter into his new covenant, for your life, without him, remains dead in sins, but in him you become truly sanctified, and your righteousness continues forever. There is certainly no other way to please God, except by accepting the blood of Christ and continuing in it. God put his righteousness on you, so believe in him, for faith alone makes you a partner in all the rights and powers of Christ’s blessings.