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3And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;4and perseverance, character; and character, hope.5Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

We live not in heaven, but on earth. As Jesus passed through all kinds of sufferings and persecutions, so shall we experience, with growing faith and spiritual fruits, attacks of men, diseases, and devilish insinuations. However, Paul did not write about these truths with tears and groanings, but said: we also glory in our tribulations, for they are indications of our following Christ. As we follow him in his tribulations, we shall also follow him to glory. Therefore, do everything without grumbling, because your Lord lives and nothing can happen without his permission.
Bearing earthly burdens leads us to the denial of our selfishness, death of our sensitivity, purification of our intents, and submission of our will to the guidance of Jesus. Patience than grows in us, and we extend in hope toward Jesus and his interference. In the school of suffering, we learn how to turn away from our inability, making sure, as Abraham, that God triumphs in spite of our failures.
In this spiritual struggle we have the privilege to draw from Abraham’s experiences because in the age of grace the love of God has been poured into the center of our lives, our heart, through the Holy Spirit, the true God, which is given to us. Verse 5 of chapter 5 is so great and beautiful that we can hardly utter it. Learn this verse by heart, for it is a treasure of the Bible’s. No human love or mercy has been poured out in our hearts, but instead the eternal, unpolluted, strong love of God, which is God himself. It did not dwell in our hearts, but was poured out, not because of our goodness, but because the blood of Christ has cleansed us. This is why the Holy Spirit is able to dwell in us, turning our mortal bodies into a temple of God. This heavenly element is the essence and holy power of God, which Christ gives to everyone who believes in him. All those who receive the spirit of God’s love experience the second birth, regeneration, and realization of the eternal life in them. However, the dwelling of the divine Spirit in us does not only take place for establishing our own peace, but also to strengthen our patience that we may be able to joyfully bear those who are hard to please, and love our enemies in practice, and also that we may not fail in solving the problems of our life. Christ did not leave us as orphans, but gave us his power, his love, and the guarantee of the glory, which shall be revealed all at once.

We worship you O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, because you did not reject us, mortal, poor worms, but you poured out your holy love into our mortal bodies that we might love in the power of your Spirit, and believe in order that our lives might become an example of your great mercy. We thank you, praise you, and rejoice at your presence in our hearts. Help us to act according to your love.
How is the peace of God accomplished in our life?