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27For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works. (Matthew13:40-43, Romans2:6)

Christ tells you that there is no escape from the judgment of God. The Son of God will come as the Son of Man in the glory of His heavenly Father to judge the world. For the second time, Christ proclaimed, before His disciples, the revelation of His coming in the glory and magnificence of heaven (Matthew 13:40-43). This event is the aim of the whole history of mankind. So, who is preparing himself to meet Him? Do not suppress your conscience saying, “There is still time, and the judgment is faraway.” Let it be known, my dear brother and sister, that your relationship with God is not bound by time or by nearness of death. If you died today, how would you stand before God?
Our works are corrupt and are not sufficient to justify us. What would you present to the eternal Judge? You will stand before Him bare and full of shame. What will you say to Him when you stand before Him? You will not be able to speak to Him, nor look at Him. He will reproach you and order you saying, “Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” to the fire of eternal sorrow. Because you neither denied yourself nor took up your cross, take up now your multiplied punishment.
But if you followed Christ in taking up your cross and confessing your sins, you would hear the comforting voice of the Son of God saying, “Yes, wicked person, You are originally a sinner, but you have confessed all your sins and believed in My redemption. Your sins are forgiven because of your connection with Me by faith. I have accepted you and am dwelling in you, and My power has changed your death into life and truthfulness.
Our Lord Jesus will come as a holy judge to dispense rewards and punishments, infinitely exceeding the greatest that any earthly ruler has ever done. Everyone will then be rewarded, not according to their gains in this world, but according to what they were and did. In that day, the treachery of backsliders will be punished with eternal destruction, and the steadfastness of faithful servants will be recompensed with a crown of life.
Then what is your attitude toward the final judgment? Have you been crucified with Christ, and does He now dwell in you? Or are you still straying and lost in this world, condemned with death and destruction?

O Christ, Please help me to kiss Your feet, because You kissed me when I was a sinner, purified me and sanctified me without charge that I might not enter into judgment and fire because of Your great love and Your death in my place. Accept my life and all what I have in thankfulness of Your redemption, that I may inform my friends by guidance of the Holy Spirit about the forthcoming judgment and Your salvation, that they may be saved from the flame of fire through faith in You.
How do we escape the forthcoming judgment of the Son of Man?