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26For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? (Psalm49:9, Mark8:36-37;9:25, Luke12:20)

One astronaut came back from the moon and sought God, because while in his spaceship, he recognized the beauty and richness of the earth. This is not always the case. By nature, people are corrupt and do not recognize God’s creation as a call to their hearts. All are wicked, because they live without their Creator. This astronaut found his answers in Christ and became a witness to His redeeming power.
One millionaire who had lived in isolation died. It was found that she used to wrap her body with newspapers, for she was so stingy that she would not buy clothes for herself. Wealth and success will not necessarily bring happiness to us.
Dear friend, have you recognized that no man is pure of heart? All men are extremely polluted? For what profit is it to you if you gather money, build a house, and receive honorable diplomas while you remain a sinner? Do you know that your soul has been bankrupted? Despite the pain and shame, will you admit it? Or are you still cheating your heart as if you are clean and righteous? What do you do with your real sins? Did you know that each small sin is like a microbe that multiplies quickly and corrupts your soul?
Do not think that your conscience is righteous and clear. You are no longer pure in heart and have lost your soul. Your past is under God’s microscope, who knows the concealed secrets of the soul – every impurity, lie, and hate filled thought appears before him. So do not be deceived, but confess your sins before Him that you may find the beginning of a new life. Turn from sin and turn to God for He is waiting for you to renew you for the kingdom of His love.
Jesus’ saying indicates that if you collect all the good deeds of the world, or give all your gold and silver to the poor and needy, you will still not be redeemed and will die in your sins. Salvation is not realized by works, giving alms, or service, but by Christ’s atonement only. It is the only solid ground for our reconciliation to God. No man is holy and worthy to serve as a sacrificial substitute for us but Jesus. Man is unable to redeem himself by himself, even if he presents all the treasures of the world to God. The blood of Jesus Christ is more precious than everything that men present. He is our ransom that is accepted by the Most Holy.

We glorify You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, because You freed us from the illusion of redeeming ourselves by our own diligence. We rejoice because only the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. He has reconciled us to the Father, and qualified us to become His children by grace. Help us to make our friends understand that all their works are void, and that they have no hope except by faith in Jesus Christ, and Him crucified and risen from the dead. May they experience the new life dwelling in them with divine love, and may they live thankfully with joy and peace.
Why can our good works not redeem us?