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5. They Will Deliver You up to Tribulation
(Matthew 24:9-14)
9“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.10And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.11Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. (Matthew10:21-22, John16:2,2Peter2:1,1John4:1)

Christ sends His peace to the nations, cities, towns, and wherever men may live. Those who believe in Him repent, receive the forgiveness and teaching of Christ, walk purely in the power of the Holy Spirit, and become lights in the growing darkness. Those who, instead of God, prefer money, or power, or impurity, and refuse true repentance will insist on their own state of goodness. This rejection of God's goodness will gradually harden them against the salvation of the Gospel. They hate the light, dislike the messengers of Christ, and kill those who come to minister to them in times of difficulty and hardship. The devilish spirit always opposes God and those born of His Spirit.
At the end of time, there will be increasing hatred of Christ. The authorities will condemn His followers and hold them responsible for the world's afflictions. Christians will be hated by all nations as the Evil One attempts to destroy Christ's followers once and for all. Do not be astonished. Although God shows His power and love through you in a world of hatred, you will be abhorred, and rejected; perhaps even driven from your home, tortured, or killed by the enemies of the cross. Christ offers a relationship with the Creator, and everlasting life; but we are not promised a comfortable life in this world. But in the midst of earthly tribulation He promises you His peace, presence and joy.
Times of persecution are times of discovery. When the profession of Christianity begins to cost men dearly, "then many will be offended," and fall away from their faith. They will pick quarrels with what they once professed, neglect it, grow weary of it, and at last, revolt against it. Wolves in sheep's clothing will then throw off their disguises, and appear as they really are.
The bitterest experience is the betrayal of brothers and sisters. The world's contempt of Christ's ambassadors is understandable, but the false testimony of brothers and sisters is painful. Never hate a brother or sister even if they deny you, for they have fallen victim to Satan's trick. Pray for them, love them, and bear them as Christ bore Judas, his traitor, until the end, saying to him, "Friend, why have you come"?
The devil influences these negative developments and fears through deceivers who spread a false gospel, fascinating the masses with the promise of wealth. Others provoke the godly to a false holiness by keeping laws that forbid certain foods, drinks, and clothing. All writers and philosophers who deny the love of God expressed by Christ's cross are deceivers, for there is no redemption but in the Crucified One. Test the spirits, and do not commit yourself to prophets or reformers, except those that glorify Christ.

Lord of love, how much do we suffer from the strokes of Your judgment against the disobedient and unbelievers whom You love and seek to redeem. They are not aware of Your truth and are not willing to accept You. Forgive them and us. Send us to them and guide us to declare Your gospel with wisdom and prudence that they may turn to You. Help us to not be afraid of the strokes of Your anger against disobedient sinners, but to spread Your salvation and kindness to everyone who repents and believes in Your love.
What causes persecution and betrayal of brothers in the last days?