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6. The Unlimited Authority of Christ
(Matthew 28:18-19)
18… “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.19Go therefore…. (Matthew10:16,11:27, Ephesians1:20-22)

After Jesus reconciled the corrupt world with our Holy Creator through His death and resurrection, He determined to present His free salvation to all men. However, none of His disciples, who had fled on the night of Jesus’ arrest, were worthy of the apostolic ministry. It was neither their goodness, nor their intelligence that had qualified them to become apostles of Christ; it was only Christ’s calling and choosing them.
Christ declared that His heavenly Father had given to Him all authority in heaven and on earth. This authorization includes all power, might and authority. The Almighty shared His fullness with His Son. The Father’s fullness remains fullness even granted to His Son as well. So the Father and the Son together control all powers and beings for all time.
How did the Almighty take the risk of delivering every ruling and power to Jesus? Did He fear revolution or disturbance in heaven because of this work? The heavenly Father knows that His Son is gentle and lowly in heart, and that He always honors His Father. Moreover, the Holy Spirit continually glorifies Christ. Jesus did not become proud, but gave His life a ransom for sinners. Therefore, the Father gave all authority in heaven and on earth to His beloved Son, and feared neither revolution nor haughtiness.
During His lowly days on earth, Jesus did not use His power to establish a political state with huge armies and deadly weapons. He did not overburden the poor with taxes but healed the sick, cast out demons, forgave sins, poured His Spirit on His praying followers, established a new spiritual age, and renewed the hearts of His followers.
Christ commanded His messengers to get up and go. By declaring His power and authority, He created in them the trust that they might reach out to others in His name. Jesus required His followers to seek the lost. The risen One commands us to move, not to sit!

We worship You, who has risen from the dead, for all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to You. Forgive us our fear of the powers in this world, and lift up our eyes to You that we may see You before us all the time. We believe in Your kind power, and pray for our friends who are in trouble that they may be strengthened by the greatness of Your power and receive from You guidance and comfort, and that we may together move on to declare Your name and salvation in Your eternal kingdom.
Why did Jesus command us to get up and go?