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13And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. … (1John5:4-5and19) 13… For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. (1Chronicles29:11-13)

The Heavenly Father will never mislead nor lead anybody into temptation, for His holy love saves us and does not destroy us. But if one of His children does not respond to the pushing and reproof of the Holy Spirit into purity, truth and love and remains in stubbornness and pride, then God allows the wicked one to fall in sin and shame. Thus, he recognizes that he is not good in himself, but corrupt and wicked from his childhood. He cries, repents and goes back to his Father begging His pardon and asking for his full change and sanctification.
Your heavenly Father wants to change you into His image. Christ gave you His own name. He calls you “Christian” that you may behave as anointed with His Holy Spirit and become saintly in love and know the joy of peace and kind patience. Where no part of your Father’s virtue is realized in you because of your hard-heartedness, God finds no other way but to allow temptation to blow upon you, such as disease, distress and disasters. He punishes you that you may listen to reason and go back repenting and seeking your salvation and sanctification in His power.
If you asked for yourself and for all believers, renewed repentance and keeping from temptations and from committing faults, you would be seeking both renewal and sanctification of hearts. Paul, having interpreted the principle of justification in detail in his epistle to the Romans, clarifies the sanctification and the renewing of the minds of believers, to present their bodies a living sacrifice, acceptable to God (Romans 12:1.2). Then you must be corrected too, for this is the will of God, our sanctification. The Holy Sprit continuously exhorts you to deny your haughty self and be filled with the humble love of God.
The temptations around you are numerous, for the movies, advertisements, books, clothes and all life have become one cry against the holiness of God. Wicked thoughts contrary to the commandments of the Lord come out of our heart. We all need prayer to be kept from temptations. So let us pronounce it consciously and believe in what we say in our prayers. The last goal of every temptation is our disobedience against the will of God and our departing of His covenant, to live independently of Him.
The Christian people are threatened with the danger of falling into many Anti-Christ-temptations. Whoever hears the gospel, believes it and experiences its power, but does not act under the obligations of God’s love and under the guidance of the Lord’s Spirit, hardens his heart. This is why you find, in countries that have experienced the grace of the Old and New Testaments, more atheists than you find among the nations who have not yet heard about the grace of God on the cross. Be cautious not to harden your heart against the voice of the Holy God. Do not resist the drawing of His Spirit towards forgiveness, chastity and truth.
Do not imagine that you are strong, clever and good, for we all are ignorant, weak and wicked in spiritual matters. Confess your inability before your heavenly Father and believe in the authority and help of Christ alone. This is the way in which the Son of God overcame Satan saying, “The Son can do nothing of himself.” The proud fall victim to the devil, but the meek repent and are justified in the name of Christ, walking in the power of His Spirit. He will dwell in the vast expanses of his Lord forever and become protected in the fire of temptations and the grim authority of death, for the life of God will endure in him.
Do not imagine that you are able to overcome Satan, for we are weak and helpless before the fallen angel of light. The devil is “older” than you and knows all tricks, lies and temptations. Ask Christ, the conqueror of death, the triumphant over the devil, to make you a partner in His victory. He who believes in the mighty Jesus shall stand by the Triumphant’s side. He is our shelter, in Him we are secure. Christ calls Satan “the evil one” because he is the source of every evil. Nothing is originated from him but destruction and corruption. The world stands in the battle between the Father in heaven and the evil one, between good and evil. Just as the first word in the Lord’s Prayer is “Father” and the last one is “the evil one,” your life goes between these two words which express the great character of God and the character of His enemy, Satan. To whom do you resort?
Do not seek salvation from the deceiving power of Satan for yourself only, but pray also that all mankind may be set free from the dominion of darkness and move into the kingdom of God’s family. Christ is the mighty deliverer. He redeems His supplicating church from the lurking authorities of darkness. Seek the coming of the Holy Spirit upon your friends that they may be filled with true love, for without the Holy Spirit they cannot do any good thing.
When Christ comes in glory, we shall rush to Him, with a shout, for in His presence the authority of Satan is finally ended. Then nothing separates us from the love of God, neither death, nor sin, nor temptations. In this last petition we insist that Christ comes soon, to manifest the kingdom of His Father publicly with the power of His glory. Therefore, the aim of the Lord’s Prayer is to realize the kingdom of our Father in heaven, which overcomes all contradicting powers.

The glorification of the Father at the end of the Lord’s Prayer is the response, thanks and worshipping of the church.
Christians admit that their heavenly Father is the owner of the world, for He is its creator. He lives and rules from eternity and forever. His truth is abiding in all the people, even if they did not recognize His right.
Capitalism and socialism became deceiving powers. Properties, minerals and health are not owned by individuals or by people. They are the property of our Father in heaven. This is why we do not worship the god of mammon, but give our money and time to our heavenly Father. We should not cling to earthly things, but cling to the eternal One. He is nonperishable.
Our Father in heaven is unlimitedly strong. As the sun sends its rays, day and night, to space, without any reduction in its nuclear power, so He shines with His love on all mankind to enlighten them, save them and protect them, even if they refuse. The power of God is beyond our perception. We sometimes sense its gravity when the earth shakes or the thunder rumbles. All the hydrogen bombs together form nothing against the great power of the Omnipotent. Do you believe in His work, His wisdom, His presence with you, and His willingness to save you? The Almighty is your Father, so how long will you remain unmindful of His honor and love?
Our Father in heaven is glorious. No one can see Him, for we are mortal. Every natural person is unable to enter into the kingdom of God. He needs regeneration, spiritual birth and resurrection with Christ. Without being born again of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot endure the glory of God. But he that is newly born of the spirit of the Heavenly Father shall be as glorious as the sun. This comes not out of himself, but because of his nearness to our glorious Father. Then he will recognize that the heart of glory is holy love that wants to change us into our Father’s image that we may be glorious as He is. The aim of our salvation is not to be glorious but our changing into the source of glory that is love.
Christ taught us that God is love in the legal form of a Father. He entrusted us with this famous prayer an invaluable treasure. This prayer is, in fact, the “fatherly prayer” since it is centered upon the person of the Father to glorify Him and to hallow His unique name. The aim of the proclamation of Jesus is that we know the Father, be His children, honor Him with our trust and long to see Him in the coming of His kingdom on earth.

If you penetrate faithfully into the most important prayer in the Holy Bible, meditate on its precious words and pray it from the bottom of your heart, you will come near to your Father who cares for you and will never leave you. What did you, so far, understand and observe from this divine model prayer? Has Almighty God become the Heavenly Father in your life and recognition? Do you speak to Him directly? Did you become one of His beloved children? Or you are still far from Him? Do you thank Him for accepting you in His Fatherhood with abiding faith and praiseworthy trust?
Christ did not only declare to us that almighty God is the great Creator, the Omnipotent and the eternal Judge. He did not first teach us to pray to the Lord of the covenant, or to the Most Exalted Master. He guided us to His own Father, shared with us His personal rights and qualified us to become members of His eternal family. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we receive the privilege to call God our Father, because Christ reconciled us to Him. He commanded us to sanctify the name of the Father and accept Him as a center for our thoughts and hopes so that He may be the essence of our life and hope.
However, the Holy Spirit cries out within us, “Abba, Father!” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God (Romans 8:15b-16). Since the heavenly Father adopts us as a result of the atonement of His Son, He grants us to be born again by His Holy Spirit that He will dwell in us. He makes us worthy of His Fatherhood and charges us with His service in His kingdom and sanctifies us with His everlasting love. We, the unworthy, whom He chose in Christ before the foundation of the world, are looking forward to seeing Him and staying with Him forever. He loves and longs for every one of His own. Do you also love Him, thank Him and glorify Him? He who discovers the depth of the Lord’s Prayer will perceive the essence of the whole gospel. We do not believe in an unknowable, far off and fearful god, but in a near and loving Father who has attached Himself to us in the New Covenant forever.

O Heavenly Father, we worship You for Your love, for the salvation of Your beloved Son and for the power of Your Holy Spirit. Please overcome our disobedient hearts and sanctify us completely. Fill us with Your virtues that we may not become a victim of Satan’s. We are all unsuccessful and futile in the holy struggle, but Your powerful Spirit releases us, sets many others free out of the prison of the devil and carries us all to the kingdom of Your love that we shall participate in Your triumph over the evil one. Our Father in heaven! Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
How are we made free from the evil one in our lives? How do you glorify God your Father?